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What's Zelico


Linking the World through Japanese Sweets

Deliver Good Taste and Happiness to the World!


The Country of Monozukuri (Craftsmanship), Japan.
Made-In- Japan-Products, winning praise and ceaseless demand from overseas, surely have the power to bring richness and happiness to the world. Our passion for sweets “Linking the World through Japanese Sweets ” led us to launch “Zelico”, the new brand of Suzuki Eikodo.
Zelico develops a wide variety of products without sticking to any particular category. We therefore will bring you exciting and delicious products and make you happy just like you have opened a box of sweets.
Not only the products developed and made as Zelico’s originals, we have a large assortment of sweets and deliver Good Taste from Japan to people around the world. The Spying Application to secretly Monitor phone Here is the Right Ways to Read Messages Remotely


As we intently strive to make a confectionery for 140 years

Suzuki Eikodo―the originator of Zelico―is a confectionery maker founded in 1877 in Ogaki city, Gifu prefecture in Japan. In 1912, we started manufacturing jellies, and in 1935, we established our own brand known as Zelico Candies. We had already developed overseas business before World War Ⅱsuch as exporting strawberry jellies to Hawaii in 1939.

We have challenged ourselves to innovate the confectionery business along with the change of Japanese diet through the post-war economic development in Japan. Our product lineup has covered everything from our specialties such as jellies and candies to a variety of sweets without sticking to a particular genre.

Since our foundation 140 years ago, we have made a variety of products that meet the demands of people in each time, but we haven’t changed the core part of our business as a confectionary maker. Using our plenty of skills and knowledge cultivated throughout our history, we continuously strive to be the confectionery maker bringing happiness to people in the present time.

Trustful Japanese Quality

Beyond that, there are smiling people from all over the world


Zelico is the brand of Suzuki Eikodo which has been striving to produce Made-In-Japan Confectionery for 140 years. Our brand is the outcome of our technology, know-how and passion. 

Safety is the absolute requirement while the good taste is essential in the food business. We are committed to delivering Japanese quality products with security in succession so that people around the world can enjoy them at ease. Your smiles and happiness are the proof of trustful high quality at all times.

Please be excited about Suzuki Eikodo’s Zelico!


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