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Company Information

Our Mission

We will explore the global high-end market for Japanese food.

The Japanese food industry is reputable even overseas with its high quality, safety and security. The industry has been nurtured throughout Japan and there are lots of unique and hidden products with a long history in local cities.

Our aim is to educate the world about the culinary delights of Japan, even to those foreign consumers who have never tasted Japanese food. It is the mission of Zelico to contribute delivering the delight of tasting Japanese food to people around the world.


Our Vision

We will convey the excellence of Japanese foods to nearly 200 countries.


Each country with its unique history, custom and natural resources has an individual food culture.

We will convey the excellence of Japanese food to people around the world while tailoring our products to each individual world market.
We are dedicated to increase the world’ s recognition for the Japanese food culture while delivering an appreciation for Japanese food to people around the world.
This is what our primary vision is all about.
We aim to achieve sales to the value of \10 billion in the medium-to long-term through exporting Japanese food to nearly 200 countries.

Business Area

We will contribute to promote better understanding of Japanese food culture
throughout the world focusing on Asia, European & American market.

1 Export to Asian, European & American and other countries.
2 Third ‐ country trade of the products produced under Japanese quality control.
3 Import of the products from all of the world.


Company Profile

Corporate Name Suzuki Eikodo Inc.
Foundation 1877
Establishment 1933
Capital 50 million yen
President CEO Yuzuru Suzuki
Number of employees 114 (As of March 2016)
Sales 6,404 million yen(As of March 2016)
Business Content
Manufacturing business
From the foundation in 1877, production of candies and jellies including “Zelico” .
Wholesale business of candies
Planning, purchasing, and selling of confectioneries to amusement parks and facilities.
Toy importing business
Planning, importing, and selling of stuffed toys, key chains, and gifts to amusement parks and facilities.


Company Base


Head Office

50 Tamara Town, Oogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan


Oogaki Factory

4-62 Asakusa, Oogaki city, Gifu prefecture, Japan
Gifu prefecture’ s 2nd HACCP acquired factory


Iga Factory

237-1 Kawahigashi, Iga city, Mie prefecture, Japan
Iga factory jelly building Mie prefecture’ s 15th HACCP acquired factory


Chamboard Inc.

1-1-35 Nishikujou, Konohana ward, Osaka city, Japan


Tokyo Dream

Daiichi Aoyama Building, 2nd floor
3-3-7 Kita Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan


Yoro Distribution Center

1178-1 Irishita, Funatsuke, Yoro town, Yoro district, Gifu prefecture, Japan



1877 Founded as a confectioner in Tawara town, Oogaki city by Mr. Kamesaburo Suzuki.
The completion of the company building.
Started the production of jelly.
1933 Incorporated. Mr. Denshichi Suzuki assumed the position of first president. The company capitalized at 50 thousand yen.
1935 The new building was extended. Started the production of Zelico Candy.
1939 Started to export strawberry jelly to Hawaii.
1948 The first president, Mr. Denshichi Suzuki assumed the position of Oogaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry’ s vice president.
1951 Built Terauchi Town Storehouse at Terauchi town, Oogaki city.
1955 Launched the nationwide Zelico promotional tour by advertising vans.
1960 Increased its capital to 3 million yen. The first president, Mr. Denshichi Suzuki won the Honorary President Award at the 16th National Confectionery Exposition for the whole of his great achievements in the industrial development of confectionery.
1961 Mr. Denshichi Suzuki won the Honorary President Award from National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Association.
1971 Started the import of stuffed toy, metal/wooden toys and so forth.
1976 Mr. Seijiro Suzuki assumed the position of third president.
1989 Achieved sales of 1 billion yen.
2004 Built the second factory at Asakusa town, Oogaki city.
2006 ISO9000 certified.
ISO14001 certified.
Achieved the sales of 4.3 billion yen in that fiscal year.(May)
Mr. Den Suzuki assumed the position of fourth president. Eagle Seika Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary company.
Built the new Yoro Distribution Center.
Increased the capital to 30 million yen.
Founded Eikodo Shanghai with 1 million CNY in capital.
Increased the capital to 40 million yen.
Built the new jelly production factory at Iga city, Mie prefecture.
Founded EIKODO VIETNAM CO.LTD with 500,000 USD in capital.
Chambord Inc. became wholly owned subsidiary company.
Increased the capital to 50 million yen.
Tokyo Dream Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary company.